Mandibular Reconstruction for Dermatofibroma Utilizing A Fibula Osteocutaneous Free Flap


Join Dr. Keith Blackwell as he performs an osteocutaneous fibula free flap.  Dr. Blackwell discusses and demonstrates a dermatofibroma of the anterior mandible with regards to positioning and marking for harvest of the fibula flap, dissection, mandibular reconstruction plate preparation and fibula graft preparation, graft placement and fixation, microvascular anastomosis and neck wound closure.

The vast majority of Dr. Blackwell’s clinical practice is devoted to the treatment of head and neck cancer and reconstruction of the head and neck region, with an emphasis on head and neck reconstruction using free flaps.  He is among the most experienced and busiest surgeons in the southwestern United States in the subspecialty, having a career experience with more than 1,300 free flap cases.  He has been fortunate to gain national and international recognition of his work. 



Keith Blackwell

Keith Blackwell, MD

Professor of Head and Neck Surgery
Fellowship Director, Microvascular Surgery
David Geffen School of Medicine
University of California at Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California